At 1852, New Hope Station 2 was dispatched to the area of Old Watkins Rd and Beagle Retreat Dr for a reported overturned tractor trailer with the driver entrapped. Engine 4, Rescue 14 and Car 2 immediately responded. Engine 1 was at Station 2 for a meeting, so they added themselves to the call and responded as well. Rolesville E151 was also in the area, and offered to assist, which was much appreciated.

New Hope Car 2 (Deputy Chief Price) was first on scene, reporting an overturned dump truck at the end of Beagle Retreat Dr, with the driver still in the cab. Engine 4, Rescue 14 and Engine 1 arrived at the same time, with Engine 1’s crew assigned gaining access and assessing the patient, Engine 4’s crew assigned to mitigate the oil spill and pull a charged line, and Rescue 14 assigned to further stabilize the cab using their struts. Once the patient was assessed, the decision was made to extricate them via the front windshield of the cab.

Engine 4’s crew and Rolesville E151 removed both windshields, and cut the center support bar with our electric Hurst cutter, while Engine 1’s crew applied a KED. The patient was extricated shortly thereafter, and turned over to Wake EMS to transport to the hospital.



The Wake New Hope Fire Department is opening our hiring process for 3 career driver/operator firefighters working 24 hour shifts at Station 2 on Watkins Rd.

The purpose of this position is to provide rapid fire-suppression response to protect life and property by controlling and extinguishing fires. This position supervises and provides necessary administrative personnel support to fire station staff; assists in developing operational guidelines and procedures; maintains firefighting equipment; and responds to medical emergencies and after-effects of hazardous weather. Persons in this position perform difficult protective service directing and supervising a fire company.

Applications are available at Wake-New Hope Fire Department Station 1, located at 4415 St. James Church Road, Raleigh, NC 27604 and Station 2, located at 4909 Watkins Road, Wendell, NC between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday through Friday or can be downloaded from our website.

Education requirements:
Graduation from high school or possess a G.E.D. Copy of Diploma must be provided.
NC Firefighter Level I and II certification
NC Hazardous Materials Responder I certification
NC Emergency Vehicle Driver certification
NC Driver/Operator Pumps certification
NC Emergency Medical Technician Basic certification
NIMS 100, 200, 300, 400, 700, 800

Salary: $41,440.00 annually

Applications will be accepted through September 30, 2017 and can be downloaded from the links below

Driver / Operator Cover Letter
Employment Application


At 1912hr, RW911 dispatched New Hope Stations 1 & 2, and RFD Engine 27 as the closest engine, for an overturned truck and trailer.  Engine 1, Rescue 6, and Car 1 responded from Station 1, and Rescue 14 and Car 3 responded from station 2.  When the units arrived on scene, they found a pickup truck on its side, with the trailer it had been pulling also overturned, and all the landscaping equipment it had been carrying on the ground.

 Crews assessed the occupants, and found no entrapment and minor injuries.  WNHFD units remained on scene for over two hours providing scene control while the NCSHP conducted their investigation, and as well as the tow companies to upright and remove the vehicles.


At 2050, Raleigh-Wake County 911​ dispatched Wake New Hope Station 1, Eastern Wake Fire – Rescue Department​, Northern Wake Fire Department​ Engine 56, and Garner Fire Rescue​ Rescue 1 to a reported structure fire at 2122 Timberlake Dr, which is unincorporated Wake County surrounded by the City of Raleigh, in New Hope’s Fire District.Engine 1 responded with C-shift under Captain Bradshaw, and due to multiple calls being received by RW911 (and it being within the New Hope Fire District), a full response was initiated from New Hope Station 2 as well. Additional information provided by RW911 to the responding units were that heavy flames were being reported, and NH101 (Deputy Chief Price) requested an Eastern County Tanker Task Force to be dispatched, and requested Garner Rescue 1 be cancelled and replaced with New Hope Rescue 14.

Wake County EMS​ 7 arrived first, reporting heavy fire visible from the garage with extension to the first floor, and requested an EMS box alarm, bringing Eastern Wake EMS​ units to the scene as well. Wake New Hope Engine 1 arrived shortly after, and reported a 2500 sq foot structure fully involved, with heavy fire in the garage, first floor and roof. Based on this sizeup by Captain Bradshaw, DC Price requested an additional two engines to respond to the scene, bringing Raleigh Fire Department​ Engine 11 and Knightdale Fire Department​ 134. Engine 1’s crew immediately stretched two inch and a half attack lines, and attempted to knock down the heavy fire. As additional units arrived, the Engine 1 crew initiated entry into the structure, but was forced to back out due the heavy fire conditions and structural stability concerns, as well as water supply issues and hearing explosions coming from the garage area.

The tanker task force established a water supply using droptanks, under the supervision of Chief McCaully. New Hope Tanker 11, New Hope Tanker 10, New Hope Tanker 9, Eastern Wake Tanker 3, Wendell Fire Department​ Tanker 117, Rolesville Fire Department​ Tanker 157, Garner Tanker 7, Zebulon Fire Department​ Tanker 98, and Hopkins Fire Department ​Tanker 227 all shuttled water from the nearest hydrants to the drop tanks, which were then pumped by New Hope Engine 4 to the attack engine,ensuring the crews fighting with the fire didn’t run out of water.

New Hope units on scene included Engine 1, Tanker 11, Car 1, Engine 4, Rescue 14, Tanker 10, Tanker 9, Car 20, Car 2, and Car 3.

After approximately two hours of fighting this fire, the fire was placed under control, however crews spent several additional hours knocking down hotspots within the garage.
Deputy Chief Price, Captain Bradshaw, and all the firefighters at Wake New Hope FD would like to give a tremendous thank you to all the responders and the ECC staff for their assistance at the fire last night.

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At 2321, RW911 recieved a report of a motor vehicle crash in the area of I-540 EB and Capital Blvd. This dispatched New Hope Engine 1, Rescue 14, Raleigh FD Engine 19 (as closest engine), as well several other auto-aid County Fire resources. Wake EMS District Chief 3 was on scene in under a minute, reporting an MVA with 1 person pinned, and advised resuce would need to pop a door and possibly lift the dash. Because the call was updated, New Hope Rescue 6 responded from Station 1 to assist the units on scene.

MVA with one pinned, I540 and Capital

Engine 19 was first on scene, followed by New Hope Car 1 and Engine 1 was the first unit on scene and able able to free the patient with their newly inservice eletronic rescue tools, and transferred patient care to Wake EMS Ambulance #5. Additional units arrived from New Hope to assist NC Highway Patrol with scene safety and their investigation, and the county mutual aid units were cancelled by Car 1. Units cleared the scene in under 90 minutes.


At 0306 hrs, RW911 received a 911 call for a residential structure fire at 7725 Brookdale Drive, in the New Hope Fire District.  New Hope Car 3 (Captain Lee) was the first arriving unit, reporting smoke visible from several blocks away.  Upon his arrival he found a fully involved garage, located at 7724 Brookdale Dr, upgrading the assignment to a working fire.  Captain Lee reported the fire would be a defensive operation only, because of the amount of fire showing and the fact that the roof had already collapsed prior to his arrival.  Raleigh Fire Department Engine 28 (responding as closest engine) and New Hope Engine 4 arrived next, with New Hope Engine 4’s crew stretching an attack line to knock down the fire.  Crews encountered heavy fire from all sides the garage and the nearby cargo container that had been used for storage.

New Hope Car 1 arrived next and assumed command, requesting  a tanker task force to respond.  With New Hope Tanker 9 supplying Engine 4, crews began to knock down the bulk fire.  New Hope Engine 1’s crew arrived to assist Engine 4 with fire attack, and Tanker 10 assisted with water supply. Rescue 14’s crew arrived and assisted with overhaul.

Once the fire was marked under control, units remained on scene for several hours performing extensive overhaul and assisting the Wake County Fire Marshals Office and Sheriff’s office with their investigation.

Chief McCauley and Captain Lee would like to thank all the men and women who assisted us at this fire, including crews from Rolesville Pumper 153, Wendell Engine 115, Wake Forrest Tanker 2, Wake Forrest Engine 5, Bay Leaf Tanker 258, and Wake County EMS 5.



At 2004, RW911 dispatched New Hope Stations 1 & 2 for a reported structure fire in the area of Forestville Rd & Buffaloe Rd, in Station 2’s primary response area. As units were calling enroute, the 911 center began to receive multiple calls for a fire, at the address of 4728 Forestville Rd. NH Car 2 (Deputy Chief Price) was on scene 3 minute after the dispatch, reporting a working fire, New Hope Engine 4 and Raleigh Fire Department Engine 27 (responding as closest engine) arrived next, establishing a water supply and stretching attack lines into the building. Due to the amount of smoke showing from the gables, Chief Price requested engines from Rolesville and Wake Forrest to respond directly to the scene. Chief McCauley(NH Car 1) arrived shortly afterwards, and assuming the role of accountability officer.

New Hope Engine 1 arrived soon after, and it’s crew was directed to check the attic for any extension and to open up the structure. Wendell Engine 115 was directed to ladder the roof, in case vertical ventilation was needed Crews from New Hope Rescue 14, Tanker 9, Tanker 10, Tanker 11, & Brush 7 arrived shortly afterwards, and reported to the manpower pool. Interior crews were able to knock down the fire, and it was placed under control at 2023 hrs.

Chief Price would like to thank all the Wake New Hope firefighters, as well as all of the mutual aid companies (Wake Forrest Engine 3, Rolesville 151, Wendell Engine 115, Raleigh FD Engine 27, Eastern Wake Pumper 2, and Eastern Wake EMS 68, 63 and EMS District Chief 9), who assisted at this fire.


At 2304, RW911 dispatched the New Hope Fire Department for a reported structure fire, in Station 1’s primary response area. NH100 (Chief McCauley) and Raleigh FD Engine 27 (dispatched as the closest engine) were first on scene, reporting a working fire in the rear of the house. New Hope Engine 1 arrived next, and crews stretched an attack line to the rear, finding a gazebo attached to the rear deck that was full involved.

New Hope Engine 4 arrived next, supplied Engine 27 with additional water, and stretched a second attack line to the rear of the house. Crews from Engine 27 used chainsaws to cut the deck, allowing access to the fire that was burning under the deck. The fire was quickly knocked down, and crews prevented any extension to the house. Total units on scene included New Hope Rescue 14, Tanker 10, Tanker 11, Tanker 9, Car 2, and Eastern Wake Pumpers 1 & 2.


At 1652, New Hope Stations 1 and 2 were dispatched for a reported structure fire at 5301 Louisburg Rd, in Station 1’s primary response district.  Crews from both stations responded, with Engine 1 arriving first, reporting a working fire from a 10×10 shed, with extension to 6 surrounding cars.  Engine 1’s crew stretched a 250 ft 1 1/2 attack line and began knocking down the fire. Tanker 11 arrived and began supplying Engine 1, as the area was a non-hydranted area.  Crews pulled a second line to knock down any extension.   New Hope Engine 4, Rescue 14, Tanker 9 & Tanker 10 responded from Station 2, and provided provided additional water supply and handled other tasks as assigned by the Incident Commander.  Wake Forrest Engine 2, Rolesville Pumper 153 and Raleigh Engine 19 (as the closest engine) were also on scene, and assisted with overhaul.  New Hope Car 1 was command, and all units returned to service in under 90 minutes.


At 2012, Raleigh FD Engine 21 & Wake County EMS 5 were dispatched to an MVA at North New Hope Rd & Marsh Creek. While they were enroute, Raleigh Police arrived on scene, reporting two people were trapped, with one person in cardiac arrest.  Engine 21 arrived at the scene and requested New Hope Engine 1 and Ladder 2 to respond to the scene.  RW911 then updated the call to a rescue assignment, adding Rescue 1, & Squad 7, as well as an EMS Box Alarm, bringing EMS2, DIST1, DIST9, MEDIC92, EMS3 & DIST3.

New Hope Engine 1’s crew arrived and immediately received their assignment to extricate one of the trapped victims, while Ladder 2 worked on extricating the other.  One victim was pronounced as DOA at the scene by EMS, while the second was transported to WakeMed Raleigh as a Trauma alert.

Engine 1 returned to service in under an hour.

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